**NEW** Elegant Wedding Memoirs

One Day + One Bride + One Groom = A Wedding Memoir. 

The last thing you need to be thinking about is — Who’s our photographer, what will they photograph, how long, will they do the cake?!?? 

Beautiful couple – I keep it silly simple! There’s absolutely NO STRESS when booking me as your photographer.

Book once, I show up, and you get your finished product in approx. 4-6 weeks.

Done & Simple.

Do away with the lengthy back and forth “do you want this or that” frustrations with your spouse-to-be when combing through the fine print of photography packages.

Every Wedding Memoir is customized based on what you want as a final product during our “Customized Wedding Memoir Session”.  

Your Memoir Session will include details of your chosen Memoir Set. No stress, no frustrations – only Your Love Day captured thru my lenz. 

Simply Elegant

Completely memorable, emotionally-love fulfilled, and eternally grateful.

When you select this Memoir Set for your Once-In-In-A-Lifetime Day, it's complete with all the moments that matter the most - Your Love.


250 Digital Images on Private Gallery

20x20 Canvas Wrap

Keepsake USB Drive

Tastfully Extravagant

Adorn your new home (and bedroom) with the simple pleasures and lovely reminders of your Love Day.

When you select this Memoir Set you receive LIVE (video) captured moments to reminisce with your Love to remind you of your treasured celebration. 



500 Digital Images on Private Gallery

2 - 20x20 Canvas Wrap

Keepsake USB Drive

Professional Love-Day Movie

4-6 Hour Coverage

Blissfully Memorable

They say no two Love Moments are alike - and now you have your own proof.

This Ultimate Memoir Set fully details your Love Day without skipping a beat - or sacred moment.

You Entire Love Day will be treasured for Years of Love to come through video, print, & online sharing. 


500 Digital Images on Private Gallery

200 Unforgettable 5x7 Prints

Love Day Box Photo Album

Keepsake USB Drive

Professional Love-Day Movie

20x30 Canvas Wrap

Full Day Coverage

BONUS - Surprise Gifts Valued @ $500+


Andi just GETS you. You tell her what you want and she produces. It’s like speaking your vision on a blank slate and she brings it to life JUST as you imagined it. When others don’t understand your vision – she DOES!
I’m in awe!