Your Vision + My Lens = Unforgettable Memories

Not every moment is worth remembering, but capturing a breathtaking point in time in a fast-paced world... is irreplaceable. 

What I do

Your Vision + My Lens = Unforgettable

Keep your photoshoot session simple, but memorable. Any time you wish to relive a special moment in your life; whether it's graduation, an engagement,  a seasonal family photoshoot, or your beautiful fur baby, I’ll capture those fleeting moments so they last a lifetime. 



The best and most selected photos contain those unexpected moments you think no one is watching!



Are you wondering what is the best way to pose? Easy, simple, & relaxed posing directions...guaranteed.



Natural light creates the most beautiful colors during the morning, midday, or sunset - I use Mother Earth as your backdrop.

Impeccable Sharpness


When you need to capture the emotion, the raw feelings of the moment, it's impeccable to have the fine details come alive in your finished photo. Blurred lines can mask the eyes' twinkle and expressions. If I cannot count eyelashes, you’ll never choose between this or that blurry photo because it never makes the cut! 


Your lens matters. Do you need a family shoot or a beauty shot? Whatever you final wishes are, I have the lens to deliver the stunning results worth sharing over and over again. 


Shadows, sun rays, and silhouettes, all  created by the light. You choose how to use it, manipulate it, and beautify it during the time of day you choose.  


One person or many, each photo session takes into account the "main" subject of the shot for that moment. From gorgeous background parents with chubby baby in front or a sunset blanketing a family protrait, the subject is always in focus, just the way you envisioned it.

why I do it

It's Beautiful

Every single person in front of my camera is beautiful, seen, and one-of-a-kind. They say that eyes are the windows to our souls, then my lens is the window to seeing the beauty of who you truly are. 

Capture a story and share a moment.

I Do Different

#FadedColorz take your images to the next level of fun and arsty! Mute the background and accentuate specific areas of your image to create a dynamic and unique photo. 


What they say

Chloe L.

Massage Therapist

It was a phenomenal experience and I was so in love with the results I can’t wait to have another session with Andi!

Lili & Alex


We liked the variety of settings we got to pick from, also there were multiple poses to pick from as well. Andi made us feel at ease while taking the photos and the editing done to the photos made us look great!





Ask about groups of 6 or more – Includes (10) fully edited, High-Def digital photos. FREE 8x10 Print




Starting at just $379, includes 20 fully edited, high res digital photos + 2 printed 11×14 of your choice.

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Starting at just $525, includes fully edited (or raw images), high res digital photos to use anywhere online and in print.

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Brand Advertising

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